Behind Luzzante stands Jürgen Henning. The Hamburg-based designer and photographer has been working with form and light for 30 years. During his long career in marketing and advertising, lights were a compulsive hobby and had to wait.

Now is time, now there is Luzzante. Light in its most beautiful form.

Passion for Light. Design as a Must

Timeless Beautiful Light Since 1996

Luzzante's story dates back to 1996. Juergen's newly renovated country house needed 30 lamps, but back then there were no nice lamps on the market. The only alternative seemed to be to design the lamps yourself.  And that's exactly what the creatror of Luzzante did.


Inspired by classic shapes, such as those traditionally used in France, he designed a series of lamps and had them produced for himself and his friends in Hamburg. Some of the lamps are still around (see photo).

Now, twenty years later, the time is ripe to offer exquisite lighting to a wider circle of clients. Luzzante unites old ideas with fresh inspiration, creating an exciting new, contemporary form.


Luzzante® is a registered trademark. The design of all models is protected by the German Patent and Trademark Office.

Light Qulity = Life Quality

A good lamp must give good light and be beautiful too. Exactly in that order. Jürgen Henning believes in combining a perfect, harmonious and cozy light with a timeless design. To achieve thus, he puts to work his experience as a designer, as well as a studio photographer who uses various "light shapers" to produce the desired mood. While many, even well-known manufacturers focus more on the design of the lamp, Luzzante always puts the light first.


Its lamps are defined by a beautiful, warm and candle-like light. The golden inside of the lamps reflects most of the light is downwards. Therefore, they are especially suitable as an accent light, at the dining table and desk or as a reading light. A living room fully illuminated by several Luzzantes, has an exceptional atmosphere and quality of light.

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